Thursday, April 20, 2017

Kindergarten ready

Oh my baby girl! She'll be headed to kindergarten in the fall. It's so hard to believe! And not long after that she'll college. ::sniff::
She's all registered for the Mandarin Immersion program (like Xander), had a tour of her new school, and is up-to-date with health records. It's getting real up in here, folks.
I had a parent-teacher conference with her preschool teacher so she could tell us all about how Amelia Jayne is ready for kindergarten. She knows her letters, their sounds, is interested in books, writing and reading, plays well with her friends, works well in a group, but my favorite thing that Ms. Jodi told me about my girl -

"She has such a kind heart."

I knew this already, but to hear it from someone not related to her just made my heart swell. With that kindness and sensitivity comes some heartache, too. Ms. Jodi said that she is often so concerned about her friends and keeping peace with them (and for them) that she forgets to take care of herself. I've seen this happen often with my youngest. Her heart is so big and she cares so much for others that she sometimes lets herself down in the process, because she almost always chooses to make the other person happy.

One night while David and I were talking and my heart was breaking for my sweet-hearted, giver of a daughter, he reminded me, "Isn't it better that we have to teach her to stand up for herself? It's a lot harder to teach someone to be kind and loving to others." And yes, I think this is true. BUT, it's so hard to watch when people take advantage of her sweet disposition and generosity. As her mother, I can only do so much for her - she's about to go out into the real world and learn all of this for herself. She's already experienced some of this, but her preschool teachers have been amazing and have really worked with her to help her through these situations. Her kindergarten teachers won't take nearly the amount of time and energy to help with social situations as her preschool teachers do.

And I know she's in for a world of pain. I feel her pain - so fresh and so raw - I've dealt with it my whole life. Here I am, this people-pleaser of a mother, watching her struggle with my struggles. And it just breaks my heart. I am thankful to be her mother and to be sensitive and in tune with her so that I can go through this journey with her. I know there will be a lot of tears and a lot of laughter and a lot of love.

So in just a few short months we'll begin this new journey. I'll be a mom to school-age kids. No more babies, no more littles, just a pair of the sweetest, brightest biggie Littles that the world has ever known.

Deep breaths.

I think we're both ready for kindergarten now.

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