Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let it snow, baby...let it reindeer!

Here are some pics of the snow on Christmas. And a video, too :)

Xander's first snowman!
Well-deserved hot chocolate in a winter mug. Yum!
Haha! What a face!
Around 4 inches measured!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The joys of Christmas

What an amazing Christmas! This year was full of surprises, love, fun, joy and good times. We started our holidays by going over to the Littles' house on Thursday evening. We had a wonderful dinner and a great time visiting. We actually had to wake Xander the next morning at 9am. He loves to sleep when he's at Grandma's!
Xander got a bunch of riding toys this Christmas. He got a wagon, a riding car and a trike/big wheel - from Grandma, Grandpa and GG. When we were almost finished opening gifts Xander came to me and said, "Night-night. Please?" It was only 12:30pm. He was exhausted!

We visited David's grandmother that afternoon. She's 91 years old, but did surprisingly well with Xander though she has a hard time seeing well these days. This picture is of him "giving Gran a hug" - sure, that's what we'll call it. :)

We ended up at Papa and Mimi's house that evening. We did an adorenament tree where we hung different ornaments on a small tree that represent different names of Jesus. There was the Lion of Judah, King of Kings, the Living Water, the Great Shepherd, Savior, the Vine, etc. It was a great lesson for the kids and a great reminder for the rest of us. Mimi and Papa had also recorded stories for each of the kids and gave them as Christmas Eve gifts.

On Christmas morning we woke up at Mimi's house where it had started snowing! A white Christmas! Very cool. We ate a yummy breakfast including homemade cinnamon rolls (by my sister - I was thoroughly impressed), opened gifts and had a great time!

Xander got a Cars big wheel to leave at Mimi's house. He loved it, too!

That afternoon the Littles joined us and we opened gifts again! Unfortunately the snow had gotten so deep that we were concerned about getting out of Mimi's driveway, so David, Xander and I left before Christmas dinner. It took us about an hour and forty-five minutes to get home. It usually takes an hour. But we arrived home safely.

We woke up this morning to about 4 inches of snow on the ground. It was beautiful! We had our Christmas this morning, opened gifts, ate yummy breakfast, and lounged around. We went outside before Xander's nap and played in the snow. We made a snowman, some snowballs, and even snow cream! It was so much fun! I felt like a kid again and was so glad to share that experience with my husband and son. Xander slept almost 3 hours this afternoon and probably would've slept more if we would have let him. He was worn out! It's been a nice, relaxing evening and we're so thankful to be together as a family. What a blessing it is to be surrounded by people who love us!

Monday, December 20, 2010









Work - Giving books to the kids

Over the past few months I've posted about a grant that the library received to provide story times for kids and workshops for parents regarding pre-literacy skills. The program was 6 months long and we finished up this month. At the end of the program I gave each child 15 books to take home and keep at their house. Here are some pics of my kiddos receiving their books.

Christmas celebrations with my work family

The Outreach Department (aka. my work family) celebrated the holidays by going to Pewter Rose, a very stylish and feminine restaurant in Charlotte's South End. It was so nice to go out with everyone and spend some quality downtime together. We rode the light rail down together which is always a fun experience!

Back Row from left to right: Irania, Connie, Dot, Amy, Emily, Meryle
Front row from left to right: Veronica and Varanrat

The beautiful origami geese on the ceiling of Pewter Rose.

Meryle trying to avoid the pic. Dot smiling, but I don't think Varanrat was ready for this pic!
Em & Connie
Amy & Vero

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas pics - the tree & Santa

As promised, here are some Christmas pics. The Christmas tree situation with my almost 2-year old has gone beautifully! Xander wasn't all that interested with decorating, so David and I hung ornaments while he played with his toys. He hasn't tried to get into any of the ornaments or the tree itself. It's been a great experience.
Xander and Daddy hanging an ornament.

Hugs for Mommy.

Santa on the other hand...

Well, I pretty much knew that Xander wasn't going to be okay with sitting on a stranger's lap, much less a stranger who is an old man with a big white beard, and an even bigger belly. We only stood in line for about 10 minutes at ImaginOn for a free visit to Santa, mind you - I wasn't crazy enough to take him to a mall where I knew I'd have to pay $25 for an awful picture/experience. We then walked up to Santa, me talking to Xander the entire way about who Santa is and how he's our friend, etc. David walked immediately to the photographer (who didn't even attempt a shot), I handed Xander over, he started crying and screaming, I looked at David and asked him if he got the shot, he said yes, and I got Xander back from Santa. All of this took about 45 seconds. As soon as I got Xander off of Santa's lap, he laid his head on my shoulder, buried his face in my neck and didn't look up for about 10 or 15 minutes. Even when we went over to the library and started talking to my friends Darci and Jason, he still wouldn't look up. He eventually got over it and started playing with David in the toddler area. Oh well. This will be a funny story when he's older.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

And when I say wonderful, what I also mean is busy! This has been such an amazingly busy month. I kept telling myself to sit down and write a blog post, but other things started creeping up on me. The first weekend of the month David, Xander and I went to the lake to hang out with Becky. We had a great time playing games and visiting! On Sunday we went to Mocksville to celebrate Nathan's birthday. Poor Nathan. It's tough having to share a birthday month with Jesus. He tends to get the short side of the deal, but he's always a good sport about it and allows us to celebrate his special day while decorating trees and doing other Christmas-related events. Thanks, Nathan! And Happy Birthday!!

Last weekend David, Becky and I went to see White Christmas at Ovens Auditorium here in Charlotte. Loved it! I love the movie, but it was fun to see in person, too. David's office Christmas party was that evening. We had a great time! I enjoyed getting to meet all of David's co-workers and their spouses. It was at David's boss's house which is absolutely gorgeous! The food was good and the company was fun. Becky spent the night with us and we had a great time hanging out with her. Thanks for babysitting Xander, Beck!

Of course during the week we've been decorating, shopping, cooking, working, and enjoying all the festivities that come along with the holidays. Also, Xander's been going through a very strange sleeping pattern. He'll go to sleep okay at night (when I say okay what I mean is that I'll put him down and then he'll cry for about 5-10 minutes and then fall asleep) but then he wakes up around 4am. He isn't ready to get up yet, he just wants me to rock him. Whenever I go to lay him down he cries again. If I send David in to do it he screams. Not just crying screams, but blood-curdling screams. He's definitely in a Mommy-phase right now. His naps are going okay - some days he sleeps for about an hour and other days I have to wake him up after 3 hours. At least he typically does get a nap. I guess this all seems strange to me because it's somewhat the reverse of what he used to do - no nap, but a great night sleeper. I liked those days. :)

So, on top of all the busyness of this season, I've been doing it on 4-5 hours of sleep. I'm getting better at going to bed earlier, which is difficult with all the things I need to do, and sometimes I am able to get a quick nap when Xander does. Ah, the life of a mommy with a toddler.

Terrible twos? But he's still only one!

First of all, I can't believe we're already approaching my child's second Christmas - this means he'll be two in February, folks. Two. Wow.

Hmm...where to start. Parenting an almost 2-year old toddler is so different from a 1-year old or even an 18-month old. I'm definitely in new territory. He throws fits now - like, real ones. I used to think he threw fits, but I was sorely mistaken. Here are two examples of recent fits.

We were in Target yesterday and he spied a big red circle advertisement on the floor that said something like "5% off TODAY and EVERYDAY" and he loved standing on it pointing out the Os, Ys, Ds, etc. He was having a really great time, but this big advertisement was in the middle of the aisle. And he was standing right on top of it. So, I obviously couldn't let him stand there for long, and besides, it was time to go home. I told him that he could play for one more minute and then we would need to leave. Negotiating never really works, and he has no concept of time, but sometimes preparing him seems to help a little. When his minute was up I told him it was time to go, and took his hand so that we could walk out of the store. That didn't work, so I finally had to pick him up. He started screaming, threw his head back and then proceeded to attempt to hit me in the face. This is a new thing with him - when he doesn't get what he wants he goes for my face. I firmly grasped his hands, told him "no hitting, that's not nice" and then he cried harder. I finally got him distracted enough that he calmed down, but I felt like every eye in the place was on us. David (who wasn't there, mind you) assures me that "probably no one was even paying attention to you" - but I see it differently.

A couple days before the Target incident Xander and I had gone to the post office to mail a couple of packages. When we got there, I needed to get my boxes and put the gifts inside, so I set him up on a counter that was specifically for these purposes. When it was time for me to get in line, Xander didn't want to get off the counter. There wasn't anyone in line at this time (a rarity during this time of year) so I knew I didn't have time to waste. I grabbed Xander and started to walk up to the counter when he pitched another one of his "little" fits. I set him on the ground where he proceeded to lay on the floor and kick his feet. I know you're picturing it in your head right now and I'm sure it was as bad as you're thinking. I continued up to the counter and the woman looked at me and said, "Is he going to be alright?" To which I replied, "Oh, he's fine." She weighed my packages and Xander finished up his screaming only because he had lost sight of me and wanted to make sure I was watching his fit. Once he found me, he came over and I picked him up to sit on the counter while we waited. He wanted to push the buttons on the key pad, and the lady behind the counter told him no. Anyone who knows Xander is aware of how sensitive he is. He may try to hit me in the face when I make him do something he doesn't want to do, but when I tell him no, he sticks his little bottom, lip out and cries. Hard. So that's what he did. And that was the end of the post office trip.

Whew. This parenting stuff is exhausting!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh, Christmas tree!

David and I pulled the Christmas tree out last night and set it up in the living room.  Now it's fluffed and ready for decorations.  I'm so excited to decorate it tonight with Xander.  Two things that I'm certain NOT to do - put any breakable ornaments on the bottom OR any balls that I don't want to get thrown across the room.  One of Xander's favorite things to do these days is throw a ball!

I promise to post pictures soon.  We're also going to meet the big man himself tonight - that's right.  Santa.  Xander's not too keen on strangers, especially those whose faces are mostly concealed with hair and who have extremely hearty laughs.  Hmm.  This could be interesting...

Growing up

For some reason the thought keeps coming back to me over and over about how we grow up. Why do some of us pick really bad choices, some of us pick really good choices, some of us are just really blessed, and some of us just really aren't. I've been thinking a lot about the way I grew up. There were some rough moments during that time, let me tell you. But overall, I have been extremely blessed.

Xander has so many people in his life that love him. Does that make a difference? Tremendously. He is loved on everywhere he goes.

Some kids never have that. They're alone or just plain lonely. Some have to grow up so quickly. There are so many children out there who won't be able to celebrate Christmas. So many children don't have people to love on them, encourage them and spur them on to great things.

I love my child so much and I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to mold and shape him into someone awesome. Ultimately God will guide him and give him opportunities to make good (and bad) choices, but I know that without good parents he barely even has a shot at life. So, I thank God for this wonderful, yet challenging role in which I've been place. I just pray that God will give me wisdom and clarity through my parenting.