Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Emory Tate Durkee

This post is long overdue, but I'm just now finding the courage to write it.
I'm still in shock, tears clouding my vision as I write this.
Remember this post I wrote 19 months ago? And this one rejoicing that he got to go home?
On July 4th, little Emory went to his forever home. He's with Jesus now and for that, we celebrate. But oh, how hard it is not to see him anymore, for his mom and grandparents to no longer be able to snuggle with him in their arms.
I am so very saddened for the loss and pain they're going through.
I am thankful that his family experienced joy through Emory. I'm glad they got even 19 months with that precious little boy. He has left such a void that only God can fill. But in his short little life, he transformed every person he met.

I think David's aunt Karen said it best in this facebook post she made just after Emory's death:
"This is a post to a dear friend that I have not seen in years that wanted to know if there had been an accident, then I thought how many people do not know what happened so I am going to tag all my families page. Emory was born 10 weeks premature with Esophageal Atresia & Te Fistula. He had a 15% survival rate. He was not suppose to be able to sit up or ever walk and he could have had brain damage they did not know. He had a perfect little brain. His two extra ribs & curved spine were to be operated on at around age 5. But his biggest problem at birth was his tiny lungs that never developed. He had a lot of breathing problems. My boy went through everything with a huge smile & devilish laugh. He passed away in his sleep at our place in the mountains where we had all gone to celebrate the 4th. He slept in our room up there in his port a crib. We put him to bed at 8 had the video monitor on him & as usual he never made a sound, such a heavy sleeper, always happy at bedtime he would grab his pooh shaker smile at you & put his thumb in his mouth & lay down. When we went to bed at 10:45 Mark went over to look at his boy rubbed his back & felt no movement then our lives fell apart. Ame did CPR until help arrived, the hospital worked on him for 1 1/2 hours then came out & told us he had been gone, before we even found him. He was the light of all of our lives and the 100's that have prayed for him since birth. At the hospital we had the prayer chains going and wanted another miracle. It is so hard for us and our questions why now God, but when Mark got up this morning he said we had the greatest miracle of all and that was 19 months ago. We had the most precious, special 19 months with our boy and our hearts are broken. We do not know why, but in his short time on this earth he made his Mom into a great woman that changed her life, brought her back to our Lord and made us proud of her as a single Mom who raised, supported him all by herself with her family, he was Everything to Ame and all of us. My precious Mother passed away 2-28-14 and Emory was her boy, so she was there to welcome him and show him all his relatives he had never met and one day we will see him again. We need continued prayers please!" 

I have a renewed sense of love and joy for my own children. Honestly, I haven't been able to rock my baby girl without crying. I kiss my son's head and breathe a prayer of thanksgiving that I've had this time with him. And I remember that my children belong to the Almighty. They always have. They're on loan and I will thank Him for each moment I have with them.

I hear this song now and immediately think of Ame.

Please keep the Durkee family in your prayers.

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