Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pool time

I wrote this last Friday, but have been so busy I'm just now uploading the videos! There's one more video, but I had issues so hopefully I can share it later. :)

Xander and I are going to have a fun summer! David pulled out Xander's baby pool from last year and they had a blast playing in it a few weekends ago. I have been intending to take Xander out in the mornings, but these past couple of weeks have been so busy and hectic that we haven't had time...until today! He got really excited when I told him we were getting in the pool. I took him out right after breakfast (so much for not swimming on a full stomach, right? Ha!) and I didn't think about it still being a little chilly. It probably wasn't even 70 degrees outside yet, but he didn't seem to mind! Our backyard gets really hot in the afternoon with the sun beating down directly on our patio. However, the mornings are great with relatively little sun in the backyard. I try to protect Xander's sensitive, pale skin, so I figured this would be a good time. Here are a couple videos of our morning activities, and two of Xander's favorite things - singing (he doesn't have much of a tune to his song yet, so he's really more like saying) the alphabet and throwing the ball in the hole!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Encouragement from Holley Gerth

For such a time as this…
You're here, now, in this moment, and it will never come again.
For such a time as this…
You're changing diapers, tying the shoelaces of the future, growing the seeds of strong faith.
For such a time as this…
You're working in that office, speaking up in that meeting, doing what you do with excellence.
For such a time as this…
You're reaching out a helping hand, taking time to listen, brightening someone's day.
For such a time as this…
You are wherever you are, doing whatever you do, and it matters more than you know.
So keep it up, friend.
You really are making a difference.

--Holley Gerth
I believe...
I believe today will be a good day because God made it.
{Psalm 118:24}
I believe I have all I need to accomplish His purpose in my life.
{2 Peter 1:3}
I believe nothing is too difficult for me because nothing is impossible for the God who lives in me.
{Philippians 4:13}
I believe even the biggest challenges in my life can be redeemed for my good and His glory.
{Romans 8:28}
I believe I am loved just as I am and called to become even more like Jesus every day.
{Hebrews 10:14}
I believe that He isn't finished with me yet and is able to complete the good work begun in me.
{Philippians 1:6}
I believe I am an overcomer, more than a conqueror, and nothing will keep God from carrying out His plans!
{Romans 8:32-39}
Can I get an "amen" or a "yoo-hoo"?

--Holley Gerth


I have to apologize for my lack of pictures and videos of Xander lately. I've just been terrible about capturing the moment. I also have lost my battery charger for my camera - not good. My biggest hindrance these days (besides my tiredness) is that every time I pull out my phone to photograph or video Xander he "wants to see the baby" as he says. He can't wait for me to capture the picture and wants to see it before it's even been taken! So, my goal over the next few days is to take some pictures and/videos of Xander. I think David may have a couple on his phone that I can get my hands on.

We're going to the beach next Tuesday, so hopefully I'll have ample opportunity to take pics and videos of that little man. Just pray that I find the battery charger for my camera before then!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Be cheerful!

I have a new goal for this week: Be cheerful!

I tend to think of myself as a pretty positive person. I'm usually the optimistic, glass half full, Pollyanna-type. Lately, not so much. No one's said as much to me, but I feel that way about myself, so I've adopted this verse:

Proverbs 15:30 
A cheerful look brings joy to the heart; good news makes for good health.

I LOVE when people smile at me! When I smile at them and they smile back, or better yet when they smile first. It's certainly infectious and I love it. I also don't like to be the complainer, therefore, I am going to try and share good news instead of things that make me feel yucky. Why would I want to bring other people down? So, here's to following through with my goal.
Here are some quotes about being cheerful :)

I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.
Martha Washington

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn`t come as a result of getting something we don`t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” 
– Frederick Keonig

“Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.” 
– Groucho Marx

‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words -
And never stops – at all -
- Emily Dickinson 

Don't just pretend that you love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Stand on the side of the good. Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.
Romans 12:9,10 


I love this post from Tasha. I certainly need to remember these important words of advice while parenting my child (and soon, children!).

I find myself losing patience a lot more easily lately. Xander has taken to calling my name. Well, not really calling it but yelling it. Constantly. Even if I'm in the same room as him. I hear it easily a hundred times a day.  "MOMMY! MOMMY!" Even if I answer him after the first yell or tell him, "I'm right here, buddy. What do you need?" He still continues. And he doesn't usually even want anything, just practicing my name...and yelling. I've asked him to use his inside voice, I've given him more attention, I've given him less attention. Now I've honestly started ignoring it. And sometimes I get stern with him because I'm so annoyed. Do you ever have days like this? I really would like to remember that little voice and cherish these moments because they won't be around forever, but really?!?!

Maybe it's the pregnancy thing making me lose my patience or maybe it's the being human thing. I'm not quite sure, but I do know I need to remember this:

Love is patient and kind. 
1 Corinthians 13:4a

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ultrasound experience

I wanted to post about the experience my family had when we had our recent ultrasound. It started out like this:
Xander and I got to the hospital (where my doctor's office is) and I called David to see how close he was. I got his voicemail. Xander and I went on in and after I signed in and did some paperwork I texted David to see where he was. I got an almost immediate call from him saying his alarm for the appt. didn't go off, he had been pulled into a meeting and lost track of time, but that he was on his way there. As I was talking to him on the phone the unltrasound technician, Joyce, called me back to the room. I hung up with David, walked to the door and told her that my husband was on his way and asked if we could wait a few minutes. She said she could maybe wait about 5 minutes, but really couldn't wait longer than that. I understood. She's on a schedule. But I really didn't want my husband to miss this experience!

I was planning on David being there to hold Xander so I didn't know what I'd do with him while laying on the table. Joyce said he could sit on a bench (halfway across the room) and I told her I didn't think he'd go for being that far from me in a dark room. I ended up scooting over as far to the edge of the table as possible and he sat beside me while I held on to him. She waited about 5 minutes and then said, "I'm sorry but we're going to have to start now." I said I understood even though my heart was so sad that David wasn't there yet. She put the gel on my belly, got her instrument thingy (don't you like how technical I am?) and started the scan. Xander was fascinated. He loved watching the screen and was fascinated with all the buttons she was pushing on the machine. She told me that the cerebrum was forming correctly and about that time there was a knock on the door. It was my nurse bringing David in. I was so relieved! He walked over and took his place beside me, got Xander (who said, "It's Daddy! Hi Daddy!" when he walked in the door) and Joyce continued. She told us the liver looked good, the heart was good, and everything seemed great!

At one point Xander said, "It's a triangle!" He was right. The shape of the ultrasound looks like a cone, very triangular in shape. :) He also said, "It's a baby. The baby's in the water." This absolutely fascinated me. I've never talked to him about the baby being in water. The ultrasound is black and white so it's not like it really looks like water. However, there is definitely a "swimmy" feel to the video and you can certainly tell it's a baby.

She asked if we wanted to know the sex, we did, so she said, "I better do this before this baby moves on me." Joyce actually had to jab my belly a few times to get her to move around. She told us to look at the screen, showed us her parts and said, "It's a girl!" I had my doubts - it wasn't nearly as obvious as it was with Xander, but I trust her. David had a huge grin on his face, I started to tear up and Xander just kept staring at the screen.

Once we were in Dr. Ward's office (my ob whom Xander calls "Dr. Word" - ha!) he told us that the baby is breech right now, so they weren't able to get a good scan of the baby's spine. They have no cause for concern, especially since her head looked normal, but they like to have actual photos of the spine, so we'll have another ultrasound at the next visit.  I'm excited because this should've been my last ultrasound and I just love seeing the baby move around! It's a blessing to have another ulstrasound and to get to see my sweet baby girl one more time before I meet her in person!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ready for potty training?

I've had a lot of time to think about this next step. A little over two years, to be exact. Hmmm. I'm still not ready. I don't even know if Xander's ready, but I'm so nervous about this step I can barely even get myself ready! I've been doing some research and came across a website that seems to have some good tips and helpful suggestions. I think I might be a little more ready now.

First I'm going to stock up on big boy underwear (with some of his favorite characters like Elmo and Lightning McQueen). I already have a big box of pull-ups thanks to my generous mother-in-law. Maybe she was giving me a hint? ;) I think I may also buy some of the waterproof training pants. I've read that it's easier for the child to tell they're wet and then also to become uncomfortable and want to use the potty. Xander already has a little potty, but he's almost outgrown it! Let's just say when he sits down, certain parts are NOT aimed in the right direction...and really can't be because it won't fit! It also doubles as a foot-stool, so we'll still get use out of it when he washes his hands. Instead of using that for potty purposes, I'm going to buy a potty chair that fits over the big potty.

I think I'm going to attempt the three-day potty training method also known as the Naked Method. This requires him being naked for pretty much three days and I don't know if I can handle that. :) This could be an adventure. First, I think I will show him his underwear, let him wear them and talk about going to the potty, etc. He already knows what a potty is for, goes in with both David and me when we go, knows the right potty words, and hates wearing a diaper, so I'm hoping that's good enough preparation to help him along this journey.

Wish me luck! Any words of wisdom from you moms and dads out there??

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We found out Xander's going to have...

...a baby sister! Xander either says he's having a baby "mister" (what we captured on video here) or he's having a baby "grill." We can't wait  for that "little grill mister!"