Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I love my son's hair! I pretty much love everything about it - color, texture, thickness, etc. His hair has the same texture and thickness as mine (one of the few things Xander got from me - funny to see a little boy who looks so much like David but who has my skin tone and hair). He has the same color hair that his Mimi, my mom, had when she was younger (she also has our same hair texture and thickness...and skin color for that matter).

Can you see the red tint? I know, there's not much hair there yet.

That's a better shot - of course, he's much older.
Summer 2011 - look how much blonder it gets in the summer.
As long as I can remember I hoped my kids would have red hair. Xander's is so unique, being true strawberry blonde. And I guess other people recognize how unusual it is, too. Everywhere we go people stop and tell me how much they love his hair. Not only is it a unique color, but it's got great body. He has some natural curl which gives it good volume. I just love it!

I added this one because I loved his 3-month pics...he was so darn happy!
Plus, look at my coppery red hair!

His hair color is really starting to show up in these.

A good top-of-the-head shot.

I don't think Amelia Jayne will have the same color hair. Stranger things have happened, but I don't see her hair changing that much. It was dark brown when she was born, but it's started lightening up some, so we'll see. Xander's hair was red when he was born and hasn't waivered. My hair was red when I was a baby, but by the time I turned three it had changed to very blonde. Then it continually got darker and darker until it was a brownish auburn. I can't even tell you what my natural color is now. I've colored it off and on in college and have consistently colored it for over 8 years. I can tell you that the majority of my hair is gray now. Yes, I know. Gray. It's hereditary, I suppose, seeing as my dad and mom were mostly gray by the time they were in their thirties. Though I don't know the exact true color, my roots don't lie. And my hairdresser started using a special kind of hair color that covers gray. Not too many things make me feel old. That does.

This is my natural curl. And baby bump.
Hi, Amelia Jayne!

Just another one of my colors.
I'll share a secret - my mom and sister color their hair, too. :)

I hope Amelia Jayne's hair has as much volume and thickness as Xander's, even if she doesn't have his same color. It's far more important that a girl's hair be voluminous like that. :) Her hair is getting lighter, though. Maybe it'll be in the red family, too, one day. I would love for us gingers to outnumber that awesome brown-headed daddy. :)

One of the latest pics...Xander's hair seems to be staying this color. Yay!

According to this chart Xander's hair is ginger blonde. Amelia Jayne's hair is probably chestnut right now, moving to golden walnut or buttered toast, though it's hard to tell at this time with as little as she has. "My" hair color goes between glazed strawberry, ginger blonde, ginger brown, dark copper, and dark auburn or a combination, as it is right now. David's hair is chestnut.

I would call this glazed strawberry with a
hint of "swedish blonde" at the temples. Ha! :)
Time to re-color!

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