Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's been 2 months since my last post! Well, let me tell you that plenty of things have been happening in the Little household.

This baby of ours that we have so proudly and excitedly named Alexander David (we're going to call him Xander) is growing so much! I had my last doctor's appointment on Nov. 17 and all is going well. Xander seems healthy with a heartbeat of 140, my blood pressure is good, there's no protein in my urine, and I feel fine! Xander moves so much now. He seems to have always been a mover; I felt his first movements at about 16 weeks and David was able to feel his first movement just one week later. But nothing compares to what he does now. You can see my tummy jump every once in a while and I feel him so often. This is such a blessing to me and helps me know that all is going well with my little son. I'm two weeks into my third trimester and I'm looking forward to every moment of it!

Just a couple of weeks ago I returned from an amazing trip to New York City with my "girls". My mom, Ame, Erin, Becky and I all ventured to the Big Apple for shows and excitement. We definitely had both! We walked until we thought our feet would fall off and we laughed until we saw stars. Speaking of stars, Becky and I are sure that we saw Salma Hayek in FAO Schwartz! We went to see Wicked, my all-time favorite musical, and Hairspray. We were able to see George Wendt's (you know Norm from Cheers?) last performance as the mom in Hairspray. It was great! We also went to Radio City Music Hall to see Radio City's Christmas Spectacular...and they're right! It was truly spectacular! We went to Ground Zero and saw all of the construction that they're doing there now. We shopped and ate and ate some more. We went to Grand Central Station and to a Street Fair. We saw the New York Public Library and the Chrystler Building. We rode the Subway to the Museum of Natural History. We walked around the museum for a few hours and saw so many great things! Mom, Ame and Becky were even on the Today Show! What a great time we had! I am so thankful for the time I had with all of them. It was so special to take a trip with such wonderful women. I'm reminded each time I see or talk to any of them how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family - natural and in-laws.

I definitely have the most wonderful husband. When I returned home (around 11pm - much later than we anticipated due to a late flight) he was there waiting for me. He'd made dessert for me, a yummy chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream. He had bought flowers and set them up on the coffee table so that they were the first thing I saw when I walked into the house. He had cleaned the house and touched up the paint in our bathroom, a project that he had so selflessly taken on since I'm not allowed to help paint anymore. And on top of all of that he had bought a TV for me that he had hung on the wall and set up perfectly. This was his anniversary gift to me. We were married four years on November 27, Thanksgiving day this year. I am so proud to be his wife! He takes care of me tirelessly and loves me endlessly. Just one more reason that I feel so blessed!

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