Friday, April 27, 2012

Family visits

The weekend before Easter, my family and I made a trip to Johnson City, TN, to see David's extended family. It was Amelia Jayne's first car trip longer than an hour. It should typically take about 3.5 hours, but due to a nursing baby and a mostly-potty-trained little boy, it took us about 5 hours. No worries. We made some nice stops and were fairly chill about the timing. We got to see David's grandmother (GG), his Uncle Richard and Aunt Janell, aunt Karen and uncle Mark, cousins KJ, Ame, JT and Shelby. Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt B (as Xander would call them) were there, too. :)

It was great! We don't get to see the Johnson City crew too often, so this was a nice trip. It was Amelia Jayne's debut trip to JC and her first time meeting most of the folks there. The weather was beautiful and Xander got to play at GG's park (it's funny to say that, but it really is her park as it was donated by her children in honor of her - so sweet, huh?). Xander played with JT and Shelby (they're 16 and 15 years old) a lot and they really had a good time. Fun!

GG loves her great-granddaughter

Aunt Janell

Aunt Janell and Uncle Richard

Playing ball in the house. Oh, Uncle Richard!

Last weekend my Dad and stepmom came to Mocksville from Nashville, TN, along with my Aunt Karen and Aunt Cheryl from Roanoke, VA. We headed up to Mocksville for the day and got to hang with them. It was great! We stopped and got some sandwiches and then headed to the park for a gorgeous day of eating, playing and visiting. That afternoon the guys went back to the house while the girls (Aunt Karen, Aunt Cheryl, Nana, Erin, Kaitlyn and I) minus Amelia Jayne, piled into the Prius (yes, you read that right!) and went shopping in downtown Mocksville. It was so nice to be with the girls, visit with the aunts whom I rarely get to see and enjoy a beautiful day of play, laughter and love. I can't wait for us to visit my aunts in Roanoke soon - I so enjoy their company and their sweet, loving and kind spirits. And I'm not just writing that because my Aunt Karen is my one and only avid blog reader. :) I really mean it! Love you, KTG!

Xander holding on to Aunt Cheryl - man he loves her!!


Saying goodbye is so hard!


David bouncing the ball off his head - Xander's favorite move. :)

Nana and AJ


Nice one, Granddaddy!

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