Tuesday, July 16, 2013


One of our favorite babysitters got married a little over a week ago. We were able to attend the wedding - a first for Xander. This has sparked some interesting conversations at our house. For the past few months Xander has been concerned with who he's going to marry. He gets upset when I tell him that he doesn't know his future wife yet and that she's not already in our family. He really wants to marry Aunt B. :)

Anyway, sweet Xander did so well at the wedding. He, Amelia Jayne and I were sitting together. David had to sit across the aisle, due to unforeseen circumstances, so he wasn't with us. About 6 or 7 minutes in, Amelia Jayne started talking really loudly so I knew I had to take her out. But Xander would be alone. I was in a dilemma. But then Amelia Jayne started talking even MORE loudly. So I hopped up and stepped outside with her. And left Xander alone. Can I tell you what a trooper he was? He sat so still and listened and watched through the whole thing. He tells me about it now and I know it didn't bother him one bit to be left alone. My boy's growing up.

The most memorable marriage conversation we've had yet happened last night.

Xander: Ms. Della Anne got married. And guess who else was there? Mr. Spanky!
Me: Yes, he married Ms. Della Anne and Mr. Caleb.
Xander:. Yeah. Will I get married someday?
Me: Yes, baby. One day you'll get married.
Xander: And will I marry a special girl?
Me: (getting teary eyed) Yes, because you're a very special boy.
Xander: Mommy, will you be there when I get married?
Me: (tears streaming down my face while David laughs at me from across the dinner table) Of course I'll be there. I wouldn't miss it, baby.

This is one of those special moments I'll remember forever.

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Oh that conversation made me cry too!