Monday, November 25, 2013


Xander went back and forth as to who he wanted to be for Halloween. It came down to the Hulk and Iron Man. He finally chose Iron Man.
Amelia Jayne has lots of costumes, accessories and pieces of costumes that have been given to her over the last several months, so I couldn't really justify buying her a new costume. She was the cutest little fairy princess I've ever seen, even if her costume was kind of thrown together.

Our friends Crystal and Patrick brought their little monster over to trick-or-treat with us. Keira was an adorable monster!

Xander's Iron Man light helped light the way when it got too dark. Bonus!
The kids were such troopers. I think all of us parents were ready to go in long before they were. We were out for over 2 hours, though by the end AJ was dragging her bucket on the ground behind her and Xander had tripped at least twice (due to the mask).
Our new neighborhood is so much fun and all the neighbors were generous, kind and friendly. Most of the houses were decorated and the kids were out in force. It was great!

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