Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Old St. Nick

Guess who we saw last week??

I met my mom and MIL at the Southern Christmas show one day last week to shop. So much fun!
I left the kids with a babysitter, but went back to get them late in the afternoon so that they could see Santa and all the cool things at the show, like the extensive and detailed model train, a fire truck from 1886, tons of decorated Christmas trees, decorations, etc.
I took them last year and they had a blast. This year was even better!!

Amelia Jayne did great with Santa Claus. Xander even asked her before we got there, "Are you going to cry when you see Santa this year, Amelia Jayne?" She said no, and stuck to her word.
She had a look of concern when she first sat with him, but quickly warmed up. He was very nice and warm. And I think it helped that Xander was excited and very talkative with the jolly guy. :)



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