Wednesday, July 30, 2014

For your Wednesday

My husband was laughing so hard that he couldn't even read these out loud to me.

I found this on pinterest and think it's a good reminder...
I love this!

I ran across this site recently and couldn't help but laugh at the comics on there.

I already knew this, but I wanted to share in case you didn't. Reading to your babies is now recommended by the American Association of Pediatrics. It's about time!

This is a cool new resource that someone from work shared with me. Especially nice if you have young children, but I enjoyed it, too. Who doesn't like to be read to??

If you love Charlotte, NC, (and who doesn't?!?) take a look at this list. Come visit me and we'll start marking things off the list!

Psalm 27 has been on my heart for awhile now. Take a look at it and let your soul rest in its truth...and bring you peace.

I've something similar to this before, but I think it's been updated. Seriously funny stuff.

What a great way to end this post. A note of encouragement. Finish strong. Be brave. I may read this post every day for the next month or two until it sinks in. I want to catch that little moment and hold tight. Be encouraged today, friend, to be who you are. And let it shine!

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