Thursday, July 24, 2014

July funnies from the littlest Littles

Oh, my kids. They make me laugh every single day. And sometimes they bring tears (of joy and love, and many other emotions, honestly) to my eyes. Here are some of my favorites from this month:
Daddy: I missed you while I was at work today.
X: I'd say that, too, if I were you.

AJ: Is I handsome?
Me: You are beautiful!
AJ: I know!
AJ (talking to granddaddy who doesn't hear particularly well, especially from a high-pitch little girl): I wet.
Gd: Yes, you're red. Your shirt is red.
AJ: no, I wet! You listening to my words? Listen: I wet!

X: I love you. You're my best mommy.
Me: Aw, bud. Thanks! You're my best son.
X: You're my great, great, great mommy!
Me: You're my great boy.
X: Did you mean great, great, great boy?
Me: Yes. Yes I did.
After AJ did a puzzle -
X: Well, good job! Look at you! How'd you get so smart?
AJ: I love you, Mommy. We need a family hug. 
(We hug.) 
AJ: That's enough.
AJ: Jesus loved those people in that story you read tonight.
Me: Adam and Eve?
AJ: Yeah, Adam and Eva. They was in the spell book.
Me: The Bible?

(We might be watching just a little too much Sophia...)

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Kristen said...

HAHA! Love your funny kiddos!