Thursday, August 6, 2015


We believe that we are in relationship, not in isolation. We are born in relationship. We are wounded in relationship. We are healed in relationship. We cannot know or become who we are except in relationship. Essentially, we are our relationships. And the most powerful relationship for self-discovery and transformation is our primary love relationship.
from Making Marriage Simple by Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly Hunt

I think it's incredibly true - I have discovered more about myself and made the biggest changes and transformations to myself thanks to my relationship with David. Not all of them have been great, but overall I am incredibly thankful for David and his influence on my life.

Relationships are important. I truly believe that God calls us to be in relationship with Him and with one another.

Today, let us not forget to pour into our relationships with one another.
Laugh. Talk. Breathe. Call. Sing. Skip. Write. Sigh. Love.

And take a page from Sandra's book - always be your husband's first and best cheerleader.

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