Thursday, October 8, 2015

Funnies from the littlest Littles - June-September 2015

I asked Xander if he wanted to take his water bottle to summer camp.
X: No, they have cups there we can use. They're kind of like plastic or something like that. Well, really they're made out of packing peanuts.
Me: (confused for a second and then busted out laughing) They're Styrofoam?
X: Are packing peanuts made out of Styrofoam?
Me: Yes.
X: Then, yes. They're made out of packing peanuts.

AJ to me: You just know everything!
Me: I don't know everything, just some things.
AJ: You just know a little of everything, but not too much.
Me: Yup.

My little man who insisted on buying flowers for me while he was out with his dad...
X: If those flowers get rotted out, just let me know. If they get rotten you can tell me. You just ask me because you know me.
(I'm pretty sure that was his way of saying he'll buy me flowers any day) ;)

AJ to me while I was driving: Why are you looking like that?
Me: Like what?
AJ: Like you're sleepy or something.
Me: Oh, because I'm squinting? That's because the sun is in my eyes.
AJ: Oh, well stay awake!

Me: You're a sweet boy.
X: You are too.
Me: I'm a sweet boy?
X: No! You're not a boy! You're a sweet mommy though.
Me: Thanks, buddy.
X: You're sweeter than some people in this world.

Me: Thanks for helping out when I wasn't feeling well.
X: You're welcome. I wanted to help. I want you to feel good about yourself.

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