Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gettin' back in the swing of things...

Here it is October 8, 2015. I am 2 days into my 36th year. I'm officially 35 years old. Sometimes I wonder how I got here...but I'm excited to see what this next year holds.

Overall, life is good.  That made me think of overalls...which made me think of minions...which made me think of is so silly sometimes. :)

We have some pretty significant changes going on right now in our family - the biggest one is that we are changing churches. We LOVE our church, but don't feel that we can really do community with the people there since it is a 40 minute drive. Because it is so important to me that we have community near us, I prayed and talked to David and prayed some more and this is the decision we came to. I am very much at peace about it, but also very nervous and a bit sad to leave the friends and home that we've made there. As of this Sunday we will be doing some church hopping. I'm kind of excited about that!

Perhaps you remember this post from last spring? Well, Xander did get into the Mandarin Immersion program and is killing it! I am so impressed with that little boy! He is doing so well. He loves learning and coming home and teaching us. He gets very excited about all things Chinese and has even come home from school asking for some Chinese music videos and cartoons on Youtube. He is visual and auditory which seems to allow him to grasp the language (written and oral) very well.

Extracurricular activities have been insane! I finally had to cut back on some things, but it took us doing them to learn my limits. Xander has been doing karate since the beginning of August. Then he wanted to start soccer. I didn't figure two things would be too much for him, but then along came Scouts which David really wants him to be part of and BAM! WAY TOO MUCH!! Especially with the Mandarin program at school. We backed off a little and put a hold on karate until soccer season is over (at the end of this month). Luckily, soccer is only for two months and karate is easily stopped and started. Amidst all of that, I have been trying to start up a new girls' Bible study (which hasn't quite happened yet - keep your fingers crossed for next week!), Amelia Jayne does dance once a week, and the regular old school and work schedules. has been a bit busy in the Little household!

But now that I'm getting back in the swing of things I am hoping to post more about life, more pictures of my babies, and share more of my thoughts.

I have a notepad on my desk at work that has Psalm 103:2 on it - He fills my life with good things. The past few weeks He has been gracious and shown me the many good things that He has filled me up with. My family is at the top of that list. So thankful for my people.

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