Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

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I truly had a great weekend that just passed. David was in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge with some friends, so I decided to take a trip home to see my family in Mocksville. I hadn't been there in about 2 months, so perhaps that's why it was such a special visit. I was able to spend great time with my mom and JD, as well as my sister, Erin, and her kids, Kaitlyn and Patrick. I also saw David's mom and sister while I was there.
I sometimes forget what it feels like to go home and have the nostalgia of what home has always meant come rushing back to me. I didn't grow up in the house where my parents now live. True, I did live there for 2 years after college, but that certainly wasn't a large part of my life...but it was important. I go home now and I go to my room (which looks almost completely different) and I stand at the window seat looking out the window and realize how blessed I really am. My mom always made our house a home. It's always so inviting and warm. I love having her around. She's one of the most comforting and loving people I know. She doesn't smother. In fact, I've often accused her of doing just the opposite. But she is full of love. She loves her children, her husband, her grandchildren, her sons-in-law, and her friends. It exudes from her and surrounds those who are in her presence.
So, thanks Mom. Thanks for being such a wonderful example of what a mom should be like. Thanks for always loving, supporting, and encouraging me. You're the best and I love you.

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