Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Work - ECRR Part III

Print motivation - a child's interest in and enjoyment of books.

Why is it important for children to find books interesting and enjoyable?
Children who enjoy books and reading will be curious about how to read. They will read more. Studies show that when the interaction around a book is negative then the young child likes reading and books less. He associates the negative interaction with the book and reading. When the experience of sharing a book is pleasurable for both the parent and the child, the child will be more attentive and responsive. The more pleasurable book sharing is, the more regular and frequent an activity it will become.

What can parents do to help children enjoy books and want to read more?
Read often and make it enjoyable. Make sure you and your child are in good moods, so the experience is a positive one. Stop reading when your child becomes tired or loses interest.

5 Easy Steps for Sharing Books with your Baby
1. Pick the best time.
Choose a time when you and your baby are in a good mood and ready to enjoy each other.
2. Show baby the book.
Point to the pictures and talk naturally and cheerfully. Watch what your child points to or looks at and talk about those pictures. After you name the item in the picture, talk about it: "Apple. A red apple. Mmm, I love apples. You can only eat apples when they are mashed up into apple sauce." You are adding to your baby's vocabulary and showing him the "conversation game" of back and forth. Your child will become familiar with the concepts of print, an important skill for school. For example: we open the book from right to left, books have pictures and words.
3. Talk and have fun.
Remember to touch and love your baby the whole time.
4. Watch what baby does.
Let your baby play with the book if he wants to and stop for now if he gets upset.
5. Share a book with your baby every day.
Even just a few minutes a day is important.

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