Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I found an article today on Vaginal Births After Cessarian (VBAC). I'm very interested in this since I had to have a C-section with Xander and was not pleased that my long, arduous labor ended that way.


I struggle with having to make this decision the next time around. It would be easy to go ahead and schedule a C-section - pick the day and time, not go through a long, intensive labor, and end up with a sweet little baby only a little while later, while still looking perky and well-rested. :) But it just doesn't seem natural to me. With Xander I had to have my labor started and my water broken, so I didn't do any of the "normal" stuff. I kind of just want to go through it the natural way. Am I crazy?

Eh, who knows? God gave me my sweet little Xander, and even if it was a difficult process getting him here, he's the best thing I've ever done!

I'm still not sure what I'll choose when the time comes again, but at least there's hope for a more natural delivery next time!

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