Friday, February 25, 2011

He's 2!!

No, not Elmo, XANDER!!!

The cake mom and I made for Xander's birthday party

Decorations - still not sure why I decided to buy confetti for a 2-year old

Mimi knows how to party!

Grandpa surprised Grandma pretty good! Xander liked it :)

The birthday boy!

Opening presents

Cousin Patrick helped

Lots of Elmo cards

Xander opening his own presents!

His favorite toys are things with wheels

He loved this firetruck - it makes noises too :)

More things with wheels!

"Really Mom?  More presents?"

He couldn't take anymore at this point - he took Daddy's hand and covered his eyes

His other favorite toy - balls!

Aunt B, Daddy and Xander

Xander and Patrick love playing ball together!


Totally checking himself out in the mirror

Mimi & Xander

Getting sleepy...

Xander loves his Mimi!

And his cake!  Yum!

Three generations + Elmo :)

Xander cutting his eyes.

He's ready to blow out the candles

Xander loves to be sung to - especially the birthday song!

Having difficulties getting the candles blown out

He needed a little help


Xander finally sat on the tractor! He's loved it from afar for such a long time, but the noise of the engine always scared him too much, so he would never get on.  

Aunt B scared of the paparazzi

Patrick, Kaitlyn, Xander and Grandma

Daddy & Xander


My men :)

Xander & Papa

It was a beautiful day and we all had such a great time!  Thanks to everyone who came - I wish everyone I love could've been there!

Happy birthday, little man!

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