Friday, February 11, 2011

Unexpected Day Off

It all started last night around 10:00.  David and I were getting into bed and David commented on how hot it was.  I looked at the thermostat and it read 78F.  We keep it at 67F in the winter, so I was extremely surprised by this.  It was 29F outside, so I knew something was up.  But we went to bed anyway.  I woke up at midnight sweltering, got up and looked at the thermostat which now read 83F.  Hmmm.  I woke David and told him something was definitely wrong.  He agreed.  He took a look in the attic and figured out that the damper valve thingy was broken. (I don't pretend to know technical terms, and even when they're told to me they leave my brain in less than 30 seconds.)  I called the heating people right away and got their answering service.  We turned off both units and went back to bed.  We woke up at 6am and it was 63F upstairs and 54F downstairs - chiiiilly!  I called the heating folks again and a man came out to the house around 9:30.  He's still here working on it, but I'm thankful that it will be fixed today.  I guess we're about $500 poorer, but we can count on the right temperature in our house for awhile.  The joys of owning a home!

So because I'm stuck at home, I can now post some blogs, read, exercise, make cookies, and enjoy the day off!  Plus, my two boys will be home early afternoon and I'll get to play with them, too. :)

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