Wednesday, July 4, 2012

About AJ - Eight months

Amelia Jayne turned 8 months old on Sunday, June 24. She has started doing so many things this month!

She's mobile, y'all! She crawled, belly off the floor, for the first time the day before she turned 8 months. She's not real consistent with it, but she can now get where she wants to go. She also scoots and pulls herself around to get at what she wants. She sits up by herself from a lying position, which I find to be extremely helpful. Prior to her being able to do that she would roll over on her stomach and fuss until you helped her sit up. Now she can do that on her own!

She signed "more" for the first time on Sunday. I don't really know if it was a fluke because I haven't gotten her to do it again since, at least not in regards to actually wanting something more. It also looks a lot like clapping, so it's hard to tell :). If she starts doing it more consistently then I'll say she's really signing :).

I've always laughed and been slightly embarrassed by my baby who I call "The starer." You know what I mean - when strangers walk up to a baby and smile and laugh and tickle their toes to get a response, the baby just stares back at them. Stone-faced. Not cracking a smile or acknowledging the adults' silly antics. Well, Amelia Jayne is slowly growing out of that. Now that I've grown accustomed to it, I don't mind it so much and I accept it for who she is. Xander wasn't like that at all. He smiled at everyone and all you had to do was look at him to illicit a smile. So having a "starer" certainly took some getting used to on my part. She's much more inclined to smile at people she knows well and will almost always smile at a child, especially her brother. And she's not much of a giggler - the only person who consistently makes her giggle is Xander. And he's not all that interested in entertaining her. :)

She has four teeth and is about to add another. She has a gap in her teeth just like I did when I was little. They're very prominent. I lovingly refer to her as "Teeth."
The only pic I could get that shows her two front teeth.

I'm still nursing Amelia Jayne, although nursing in public has become a thing of the past. She can't nurse without exposing me or doing what a friend of mine calls gymnurstics. I won't go into that, but I will say that Amelia Jayne has nursed in every one of the positions in these pictures. That's all about that.

Since she's more mobile now, it was hard for me to get her to stay upright!

See what I mean?!

My baby girl is growing up so fast! I can't believe how time has flown. She's so beautiful and so fun! She makes our world even brighter. I thank God for her!

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Oh I love her! She's so beautiful and I can't wait to meet her someday!