Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Funnies from the littlest Littles - part 2

X: I love that song, "Love is an Open Door."
Me: You do?
X: Yeah, you know why I like it?
Me: Why?
X: They sing the song so beautifully.

X: Amelia Jayne, did you know that I beat all the levels on Jake?
AJ: Oh! You such a big boy!
X: Yeah, when you complete them all you get an official Never Land Pirate certificate! And I got it!

Amelia Jayne spied a picture of Xander as a toddler.
AJ: Ooh look! A pictoo of me!
Me: That's not you. Do you know who that is?
AJ: A boy play balls.
Me: Who is that boy?
AJ: I dunno!
Me: That's Xander-boo.
AJ: Oooh, Xana-boo! He's so cute!

Kids were in the other room playing and I heard them squabbling.
Me: What's going on guys?
X: She said I was rude and I was not rude. And I need to compromise her. Amelia Jayne, I would not like you to say that anymore!

Amelia Jayne was being very loud while Xander was trying to tell me something.
X: I can't talk with all that noise going through my ears!!

I gave Xander a tissue in the car.
X: What's all that stuff floating in the air?
Me: Oh, you mean the dust from the tissue?
X: Yeah. What are all these dust barnacles?

Xander at church with a new teacher who didn't know I was his mom.
X: Yeah, that's Emily. Usually I call her mommy.

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LOL oh these are so great! Thanks for the laugh for the day! Your kids are so funny and cute!