Thursday, March 6, 2014

A great loss

Not long after I wrote my last post on Friday, February 28th, I got a call from David. His grandmother had passed away. We knew it was coming. She had gone to the hospital the weekend before. Things weren't looking good then, so David and Becky were able to drive over to Tennessee on Sunday and see her. Sunday was her best day before she passed away. She was chatting with them, laughing, watching videos of Xander and Amelia Jayne, and exclaiming over the artwork they had made for her. I'm so incredibly thankful David and Becky made the trip and got to be with her before she died.

David's mom tucked those pieces of art in Gigi's casket.

It's been a long week. I was tired on Friday, remember? And it certainly didn't get any easier. We had plans to celebrate my mom, Kaitlyn and Xander on Saturday, so Ame asked us to go through with our celebration plans. I had a commitment on Sunday at church, so we decided to leave for TN after church on Sunday. We got to Johnson City around 8pm. The visitation was Monday night and the funeral services were Tuesday. We left Tuesday evening and arrived home around 11:15pm.

Even through the sadness and tears, there was laughter and celebration. It was nice to see family. The services were beautiful. The love that was shown was incredible. She was so dearly loved by so many people. I am thankful to have known and loved her.

You can read her obituary here.

My favorite picture of Gigi with Amelia Jayne

Gigi with Xander for his dedication at church circa 2009

Most of the clan at Xander's dedication. He's wearing the gown that his great-great-grandfather wore. It was 104 years old when he wore it!!
One of the many family reunions we've had over the years. We've had at least one per year since David and I have been married, sometimes in Johnson City or at someone's lakehouse, and sometimes in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge.

Another family reunion :)
Melba loved children.
Her own children honored her by dedicating a park to the city of Johnson City in her name.
My children have played on it and loved it. I'm sure many children have gotten enjoyment from the park.
She was incredibly generous with money and gifts. She always brought the kids a little gift or had something waiting for them when we got to her house. She would send clothes back with Ame when they had gone shopping together.

She was incredibly generous with her time, as well. She came to visit us only a couple of months ago to see our new house. Even though my kids are young, she made a point to be at many of the important moments in their lives. She came to visit both of them not long after they were born. She came to both of their dedications at church.

She will be remembered with love.

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