Monday, March 10, 2014


My sweet husband and I have had a rough couple of weeks, especially him - mine has mainly been the fallout of his misfortune and taking on the responsibilities of both parents while he healed up.

His grandma passed away 10 days ago. While we were at the services, he hurt his back. He was out of work all last week.

Since David couldn't drive or watch the kids, I ended up having to take time off of work (14 of the 20 hours I would normally work), so I didn't get a whole lot done at work.

Then, on Thursday, he and Amelia Jayne picked up a stomach bug. (Amelia Jayne threw up at school. In the lobby. That's another story.)

I went to get David's prescription at 11pm on Thursday and both of our cars had flat tires.
Both. Of. Them.
How does that happen? Mine had a slow leak, that was getting progressively worse, but of all days for it to be flat?? David's was able to be pumped up, so I drove his car to get the Rx.

And to top it off? We lost an hour of sleep on Sunday.

It was like a comedy of errors! I mean, how can all of those things happen in one week?

I am willing this week to be better. And I'm going to take some naps.

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Oh. my. gosh.! I'm so sorry about your last couple of weeks! That is crazy all that happened. I'm praying for you friend- for naps, for time to catch up on things, for David's back to heal, for things to calm. Love you dear friend!