Friday, October 17, 2014


In my 34 years on this earth I have learned that changes are inevitable. They are happening constantly and continuously. There is no escaping them, so better to embrace them and be flexible.

In my family we'll go through a spell of seemingly unending change and then it will slow down to where I think things are getting into quite a groove, just for things to flip upside down again. And I'm kind of starting to accept this. "Kind of" being the operative phrase there.

I tell you this because David started a new job this week. Yes, he had just changed jobs back in April and now he's at it again! But this time I am so very excited for him. He's been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. He started interviewing at Gensler a little over a year ago and got an offer just a few short weeks ago. Gensler is one of the largest architecture firms in the world. There are many opportunities for David to learn, grow professionally, mentor and be mentored, learn new things, share his own knowledge of the experiences he's had, travel, and help build the Charlotte office. Gensler thinks David will be a good fit with them, but I know that David is a good fit wherever he goes. There are many things I love so dearly about my husband - he's easygoing, hardworking, a team player, loyal and honest. He's good at what he does which is evident by the experiences and opportunities he's had. I am so proud of him.

So, cheers to David and his new endeavors! And here's to the changes that are inevitable.
Makes life interesting, eh? ;)

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