Thursday, October 16, 2014


Our small group watched a super-cheesy video about personality types and working together in a group. Although I hope to never be subjected to that video again, there was an interesting test that went along with it. It basically shows your style of worship - which I love because so often we (Christians) get hung up on the "right way" to worship. There are so many different ways! God is good and He created us in His image. We're all so different and yet so similar. I truly believe that each of us reflect God's character - but often times different parts of his character. The fact that we can have different worship styles or tendencies just goes to show how amazingly huge our God really is. 

Here are the categories:
Naturalists Draw near to God through nature.

Sensates draw near to God through the senses.

Traditionalists draw near to God through ritual and symbol.

Ascetics draw near to God through solitude and simplicity.

Activists draw near to God through bringing about social 

Caregivers draw near to God through caring for and 
serving others.

Enthusiasts draw near to God through celebration and mystery.

Contemplatives draw near to God through personal adoration
and heartfelt devotion.

Intellectuals draw near to God through their minds.

Here are my results:
1. Contemplative
2. Enthusiast

3. Naturalist

I decided to look up contemplative in the dictionary to get 
a better understanding. 
And I have to say that this fits me to a "T." 
adjective: contemplative
  1. 1
    expressing or involving prolonged thought.
    "she regarded me with a contemplative eye"
    ruminative, introspectivebrooding
    deep/lost in thought, in a brown study
    "a peaceful, contemplative mood"
    • involving or given to deep silent prayer or religious meditation.
      "contemplative knowledge of God"

noun: contemplative; plural noun: contemplatives
  1. 1
    a person whose life is devoted primarily to prayer, especially
    in a monastery or convent.

I think about things way too much, but perhaps this is just 
my way of worship? 
God created me to be a thinker, to meditate and be pensive.

Enthusiast was a close second, to which I say - yep. 
If there's something I can get into, it's celebration! :) 
And I just marvel (and think, ha!) about the mysteries 
of our God and how incredibly creative He is. 
The world and all that is in it is a masterpiece.

And naturalist? I'm somewhat surprised at this, but also not at all. 
I do love the beauty of this earth and all that God has created. 
In fact, I took this picture on my birthday to remind me of the 
beauty and ultimate Artist that is God.

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