Tuesday, November 18, 2014

AJ - third birthday interview

Here's his from this year.

And here's my baby girl's first interview - 3 years old:
TV show - Sophia
Movie - Frozen
Song - Let it Go
Musician - Vado (took me awhile to figure out she meant Demi Lovato, much to my chagrin)
Food - strawberries
Candy - chocolate
Toy - Sophia doll
Activity - play games
Cereal - chocolate cereal bar (Not sure what she's talking about)
Vegetable - carrots
Drink - milk
Game - soccer
Book - Noah's Ark
Restaurant - Chick-Fil-A
Holiday - Christmas
Animal - zebra
Color - pink
Vacation - the mountains

If you could change your name to anything, what would it be? Kate-Kate
If you could have anything you want this year, what would it be? frozen heart (it's a song from Frozen, but really I have no idea what she means)
What do you love most about Mommy? go on walks together
What do you love most about Daddy? hides under blankets with me
What do you love most about Xander? he shares his toys with me

Here's a comparison of those two, both at 3 years old.

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