Monday, November 17, 2014

Three! Tres! Trois!

This makes me nervous...
But that's where we are.
We are three.

It came around so quickly. Wasn't she just born? I can remember holding her in my arms, snuggling her against my chest, tickling her little toes to see that sweet smile. I remember looking into her eyes for the first time and knowing her even then.

Now she's three.
We had a wonderful time celebrating sweet Amelia Jayne. I'm behind in posting, but I didn't want to leave out this momentous occasion on the blog.

She was so excited when she woke up!

Celebration at school, complete with cupcakes!

She got this hat for her birthday and needed to wear it while she colored.

Excited about her gifts from Xander. He picked them out himself!

We had a Sophia party at my mom's house where we played games (like pin the amulet on Sophia), decorated cookies, made crowns and enjoyed yummy foods. What a blast!

A Mommy/Mimi original :)

These four. Be still my heart.

That face…:)

Blurry but worth it!!

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