Thursday, May 14, 2015


My best friend is coming to visit tonight. TONIGHT, people!! I am so very excited! I just can't contain myself!!!

We have been friends for almost 20 years, folks. What?!?! We met in August of 1995, the year my family moved to Texas and I started 10th grade.

I haven't seen her in three is that even possible? We have great intentions of getting together, but life just gets in the way. I'm so thankful to her for making it happen this time.

It's funny to me that in our 20-year friendship we have only lived in the same town for 2 years. I was in 10th grade when we met and she was in 11th. She went off to college after two short years and I went off to a different college the next. She was at college in Dallas, and stayed in Dallas for a few years after graduating. She married and has lived in Gainesville, Valley View, and now lives in Denton. I transferred to Tennessee and ended up in Mocksville after I graduated. She and I both married our husbands in 2004. I moved to Charlotte in 2005 and then to Huntersville in 2013.

As I was thinking about how long it's been since we've seen each other it dawned on me that there are a lot of things that we don't know about each other because we don't "live life" together on a daily basis.

Things we don't know about each other right now:

We don't know of some of the crazy haircuts and colors we've had. (though we do tend to text pics of the crazier ones)
She hasn't seen my new house.
I haven't seen hers.
She has barely seen my littlest beauty who was only 9 months old when she was last here.
(Of course she's seen pics...we do live in a world of technology, for goodness sake.)
Both our boys are practically grown since we last saw each other - they've both started school.
I don't know what car she drives.
I don't know what make-up she uses, what her favorite flavor of ice cream still is, her favorite band, what her favorite pastime is, or how she relaxes at night.
I don't even know her favorite drink from Starbucks!
She doesn't know that I drink a green smoothie every morning, that I cried when I saw my baby dance on stage for the first time, that my kids and I like to play freeze tag outside, or that I lay on the couch almost every night snuggled up against my hubby and fall asleep to whatever show we're watching.

But we have such an amazing history. We know the important things from long ago and we still talk often enough to share the important stuff in our present. I am so incredibly blessed to have such a friend as her. Even though she lives so very far away and we haven't seen each other in sooooo long, we are still the best of friends.

Here are some old pics I stole off of FB. I'll have new ones to share after this weekend! ;)

A road trip I made after college to see her in Dallas. circa 2003

My bachelorette party
My rehearsal dinner

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