Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Driver's Ed

Oh my goodness.
Let me tell you - this little one is not ready to drive.
She's only 3, you say. She has plenty of time to learn, you say. She'll be just fine when she's older, you say.
Maybe you're right, but...
The girl can't steer.
This is why she still can't ride her bike or her tricycle very well. Oddly, peddling isn't her issue.
I have to admit that it was one of the funniest (and most exasperating) things trying to help her drive Lightning.

Xander has outgrown it (for the most part) so I thought I would give her a chance. Xander was riding his bike and I told him that she could follow him down the street. Well, not only can't she steer, but she also doesn't listen very well when I tell her to stop. It was pretty funny. Until it wasn't. We got down the street and she was over it. Tears, screaming, crying...and she was pretty upset too.
Xander said he would drive it back home which would have been fine except the battery started to die (my fault bc it wasn't fully charged, and because X weighs too much for it now). That's when I had to carry the thing back home. It was a disaster.

I guess I'm mostly so surprised at her inability to drive Lightning because it came so naturally for Xander. He got that car for Christmas 2011, he wasn't even 3 yet. We took him out in it and he was so good at it! He knew how to steer, how to push the gas, how to turn it around, reverse, and slow down - all on that first attempt! It was only days before he'd mastered a three point turn, for goodness' sake!!
So, yeah. Taking AJ out was quite the opposite experience and not at all what I'd planned for.

Here's the best video I could get of the event. And this was definitely the most controlled and best listening she did the whole time we were out there.

And here's my selfie carrying Lightning home on my back. That thing is not light!

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