Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Funnies from the littlest Littles - November-December 2015

AJ: Do dragons have to have wings??
Me: I don't really know. You know dragons aren't real, right?
AJ: Yeah, they don't live here anymore.
Me: Well, they're not like dinosaurs. They never lived here. They're made-up or fictional.
AJ: Yeah, God took them away to live on Mars or something.

AJ: Mommy, you have a lot of boo boos.
Me: I do?
AJ: Yeah, or maybe you have a lot of nipples.
Me: Nipples?!
AJ: Yes, here and here and here.
Me: Oh! Those are freckles! Not nipples.

AJ: Do you have any straight candy canes?
Me: I don't have any candy canes.
AJ: But do you have straight ones?
Me: No, I don't have any, not even the ones with the crook on the end.
AJ: What's a crook on the end?
Me: You know when it looks like a J?
Me: Sweetie, the only thing I have are peppermints in the bowl downstairs.
AJ: But do you have any candy canes that are red and white?
Me: No.

AJ (about an "I spy" book): I guess this book isn't very fun because I can't find these things.

Xander was always extremely articulate, from the day he was born. He definitely says some funny things, but he's very precise with his words. Amelia Jayne almost has her own language at times. She says words and it doesn't matter if we correct her or not, she still uses her own words. She struggles with the hard "th" sound and it often comes out sounding like an "s" or "f" or the soft "th" sound that can sound like "d."  For instance: I want to go to da store wif you. Or, movie fe-ater. Or, twelve, firteen, fourteen...
She also mixes her words up a lot (see the freckle/nipple discussion above if you need an example). Plus, the girl asks a gazillion questions and pretty much talks constantly, especially if her brother isn't around to take up much-desired talking time.

Here's an example of a conversation I had with Amelia Jayne recently -
AJ: Da friends at my table can play aside me uhcause we can share uhcause we are all at a table. We play wif lots of different fings, like play dough and trucks and dese blocks dat stick togedder.
Me: Like legos?
AJ: No, dey have black fings dat make dem stick togedder.
Me: Oh! Magnets?
AJ: Yes! Dey're magnets uhcause dey stick togedder.

I know it won't last forever, but until then, I'll soak up each and every little mispronunciation she has. She's so precious!

And a Bonus funny from last week:

I was sick last Thursday when Mimi was supposed to come watch the kids, so she ended up not coming since I was home. I met Xander at the bus stop and he immediately started crying, upset that Mimi wasn't there. He was definitely distraught, but I couldn't help but laugh when he said,
"This is the worst thing. That's ever happened. On a Thursday!"

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