Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How I choose books

This article got me thinking...
AHHH! This is so difficult for me! I choose books mostly based off of recommendations. And I get a LOT of recommendations. Not sure if it's because I work in a library or if I just love so many different genres. I read a lot of bloggers who have great recs. I am also friends with a lot of readers who know my interests. I love all kinds of genres - for fiction I love: historical fiction, literary fiction, sci fi, fantasy, Christian fiction...

Honestly, the majority of books sitting on my desk to be read are non-fiction. I love books about Jesus, the church, health, personalities, leadership, parenting, memoirs and biographies.

I am truly inquisitive. I just want to know so much.

Therein lies the rub. I mustn't just be a "hearer of the word", but also a doer. That is my hope over this year that I will read many books where God will speak to me and teach me new things, but that I won't just let it soak in and walk away, forgetting all I've learned. I want to dig deep, apply the principles and knowledge, give that wisdom away and share the riches.

I've already read a ton of books this year and I am having so much fun doing it! I'm part of a book club at a local church. I started a facebook group (from the encouragement of one of my mom's friends) to track our reading challenges for 2016. And I'm having so much fun learning! Join me, won't you?

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