Sunday, December 26, 2010

The joys of Christmas

What an amazing Christmas! This year was full of surprises, love, fun, joy and good times. We started our holidays by going over to the Littles' house on Thursday evening. We had a wonderful dinner and a great time visiting. We actually had to wake Xander the next morning at 9am. He loves to sleep when he's at Grandma's!
Xander got a bunch of riding toys this Christmas. He got a wagon, a riding car and a trike/big wheel - from Grandma, Grandpa and GG. When we were almost finished opening gifts Xander came to me and said, "Night-night. Please?" It was only 12:30pm. He was exhausted!

We visited David's grandmother that afternoon. She's 91 years old, but did surprisingly well with Xander though she has a hard time seeing well these days. This picture is of him "giving Gran a hug" - sure, that's what we'll call it. :)

We ended up at Papa and Mimi's house that evening. We did an adorenament tree where we hung different ornaments on a small tree that represent different names of Jesus. There was the Lion of Judah, King of Kings, the Living Water, the Great Shepherd, Savior, the Vine, etc. It was a great lesson for the kids and a great reminder for the rest of us. Mimi and Papa had also recorded stories for each of the kids and gave them as Christmas Eve gifts.

On Christmas morning we woke up at Mimi's house where it had started snowing! A white Christmas! Very cool. We ate a yummy breakfast including homemade cinnamon rolls (by my sister - I was thoroughly impressed), opened gifts and had a great time!

Xander got a Cars big wheel to leave at Mimi's house. He loved it, too!

That afternoon the Littles joined us and we opened gifts again! Unfortunately the snow had gotten so deep that we were concerned about getting out of Mimi's driveway, so David, Xander and I left before Christmas dinner. It took us about an hour and forty-five minutes to get home. It usually takes an hour. But we arrived home safely.

We woke up this morning to about 4 inches of snow on the ground. It was beautiful! We had our Christmas this morning, opened gifts, ate yummy breakfast, and lounged around. We went outside before Xander's nap and played in the snow. We made a snowman, some snowballs, and even snow cream! It was so much fun! I felt like a kid again and was so glad to share that experience with my husband and son. Xander slept almost 3 hours this afternoon and probably would've slept more if we would have let him. He was worn out! It's been a nice, relaxing evening and we're so thankful to be together as a family. What a blessing it is to be surrounded by people who love us!

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What a wonderful Christmas! Such cool toys!