Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas pics - the tree & Santa

As promised, here are some Christmas pics. The Christmas tree situation with my almost 2-year old has gone beautifully! Xander wasn't all that interested with decorating, so David and I hung ornaments while he played with his toys. He hasn't tried to get into any of the ornaments or the tree itself. It's been a great experience.
Xander and Daddy hanging an ornament.

Hugs for Mommy.

Santa on the other hand...

Well, I pretty much knew that Xander wasn't going to be okay with sitting on a stranger's lap, much less a stranger who is an old man with a big white beard, and an even bigger belly. We only stood in line for about 10 minutes at ImaginOn for a free visit to Santa, mind you - I wasn't crazy enough to take him to a mall where I knew I'd have to pay $25 for an awful picture/experience. We then walked up to Santa, me talking to Xander the entire way about who Santa is and how he's our friend, etc. David walked immediately to the photographer (who didn't even attempt a shot), I handed Xander over, he started crying and screaming, I looked at David and asked him if he got the shot, he said yes, and I got Xander back from Santa. All of this took about 45 seconds. As soon as I got Xander off of Santa's lap, he laid his head on my shoulder, buried his face in my neck and didn't look up for about 10 or 15 minutes. Even when we went over to the library and started talking to my friends Darci and Jason, he still wouldn't look up. He eventually got over it and started playing with David in the toddler area. Oh well. This will be a funny story when he's older.

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We both definitely have priceless Santa pictures! haha