Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jesus makes me happy!

Easter Sunday was a wonderful day. David, Xander and I went to church where Xander attended the 2-year old class. He's only actually done that one other time which was a bit traumatic for him. When he turned 2 we were hesitant to change him because he had really started looking forward to church and his one-year old class, classmates and teachers. We're a little behind in moving him considering he was two in February, but we knew the time was coming. David and I know how Xander is and that transitions aren't easy for him.

Anyway, in his classroom, they of course talked about Jesus's resurrection, it being Easter Sunday and all. Each child got a placemat that had "Jesus" written on it. They were instructed to put smiley face stickers on the placemats and each time say, "Jesus makes me happy!" We brought Xander's placemat home and he started pointing to the stickers saying, "Jesus make happy!" It was adorable! I found some old smiley face stickers that I had and he put them all on the placemat, each time saying, "Jesus makes me happy!" He got a lot better with the wording as he went along. Now the placemat is on the fridge and he periodically goes up to it and says "Jesus makes me happy!" or he'll take it down and carry it around saying the same thing. It warms my heart to know that he's learning amazing biblical truths!

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