Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pool time

I wrote this last Friday, but have been so busy I'm just now uploading the videos! There's one more video, but I had issues so hopefully I can share it later. :)

Xander and I are going to have a fun summer! David pulled out Xander's baby pool from last year and they had a blast playing in it a few weekends ago. I have been intending to take Xander out in the mornings, but these past couple of weeks have been so busy and hectic that we haven't had time...until today! He got really excited when I told him we were getting in the pool. I took him out right after breakfast (so much for not swimming on a full stomach, right? Ha!) and I didn't think about it still being a little chilly. It probably wasn't even 70 degrees outside yet, but he didn't seem to mind! Our backyard gets really hot in the afternoon with the sun beating down directly on our patio. However, the mornings are great with relatively little sun in the backyard. I try to protect Xander's sensitive, pale skin, so I figured this would be a good time. Here are a couple videos of our morning activities, and two of Xander's favorite things - singing (he doesn't have much of a tune to his song yet, so he's really more like saying) the alphabet and throwing the ball in the hole!

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Yay for videos! So cute!