Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have to apologize for my lack of pictures and videos of Xander lately. I've just been terrible about capturing the moment. I also have lost my battery charger for my camera - not good. My biggest hindrance these days (besides my tiredness) is that every time I pull out my phone to photograph or video Xander he "wants to see the baby" as he says. He can't wait for me to capture the picture and wants to see it before it's even been taken! So, my goal over the next few days is to take some pictures and/videos of Xander. I think David may have a couple on his phone that I can get my hands on.

We're going to the beach next Tuesday, so hopefully I'll have ample opportunity to take pics and videos of that little man. Just pray that I find the battery charger for my camera before then!!

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