Wednesday, August 21, 2013

30 Days of Blogging: Day Eight

Day 8: What are 3 passions you have?

Definition of passion (n)

Bing Dictionary
 [ pásh'n ]   

  1. intense emotion: intense or overpowering emotion such as love, joy, hatred, or anger
  2. strong sexual desire: strong sexual desire and excitement
  3. intense enthusiasm: a strong liking or enthusiasm for a subject or activity
Synonyms: fervor, ardor, obsession, infatuation, excitement, enthusiasm, zeal, craze, delight, fervidness, emotion, fervency

1) My family.
Y'all, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love those two little people who call me "Mommy."
And that husband of mine? He's a keeper for sure. (See definition #2 :))
I'm incredibly blessed by my family - both immediate and extended. I am incredibly thankful for these people and would give anything for them.

(Check out the series "Future Family" and let me know what you think. I've only listened to the first two sermons, but I'm definitely hooked.)

2) Women and children who are hurt, suffering, poor and abused.
Lately, I have become especially soft-hearted toward this population who are often oppressed, victimized, and unable to leave their situations. At work I see many children who cannot afford food, much less books (which is the whole reason I'm there). They may not get the things that all children need - love, care and attention. I hate to see women and children who have been victims of human trafficking and sex crimes. I pray for them often.
Read this article.
Check out this site to support survivors of sex trafficking.
Consider sponsoring a child through Compassion International or another agency.
Consider supporting the artisans of JOYN India.
There are so many ways to help. Please consider helping in a small way.

3) Jesus
I know the proverbial answer for a Christian woman is - "Jesus."

And that's going to be the final and greatest passion that I reveal here.

I'm not just a "Christian" but a disciple of Jesus Christ.
(Check out the series "Christian" by Andy Stanley - it might just change your life. Absolutely fantastic.)
My desire is to follow Him, no matter where He might lead;
worship Him, no matter what the circumstances;
reveal His glory, no matter what the cost.

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