Thursday, August 8, 2013

30 Days of Blogging: Day Seven

Day 7: What is your dream job, and why?

I'm too inconsistent, have too many interests and am too spacy to have only one job that I dream about. I did find it interesting thinking back through the different jobs I've had over the years. When I was really little (around 3 or 4) and you asked me what I wanted to be I would say, "A mom."
My standard response circa 1991 was, "I want to work in my Mom's store when I turn 16, and then in a video store during colelge, then I want to be a teacher and a mom and maybe when I get old I'll be a librarian."
No joke! Ha!

I had great ambitions, right?!
My mom's store...they retired that business about 20 years ago. Long before I was old enough to get paid for working.
Netflix and Hulu and the like have all but made video rental stores disappear.

{As a random aside: Did you know that my mom and my mother-in-law ran a business together? They had a store called Especially For You where they sold gift baskets full of goodies that you could pick out personally. My mom would put the baskets together and make 'em look purty. She also did the window displays and the product displays in the store. My MIL did more of the business end.
They're best friends, ran a business together, share much of the same family now, go on vacations together, have two of the same grandchildren, and are still best friends. I don't know about y'all, but that's very impressive to me, folks.}

My first official job was as a Resident Assistant at UT.
I babysat when I was a teenager and young adult.
I worked as a camp counselor at some summer day camps.
I was a deaf educator.
I worked as a FitLinxx instructor at the YMCA.
I am a mom (in which ALL of my previous skills come in handy).
Hopefully I'm not considered too old, but I now work in a library.

Anyway, the next goal I have in life, career-wise, is to go back to school to be a speech pathologist. I should've made that my major in college. While at SFA my minor was speech pathology. I have over 18 hours of speech pathology classes on my transcipt. I loved those courses and did very well in them. I'm not exactly sure how this is going to pan out. I don't have a time frame or anything planned, but I'm pretty sure that's what I want to do next.

Either that or I want to be a Christian counselor.

Or a chef.

Or a taste tester.
Is that a real job?

I think your dream job is anything you can do that doesn't feel like "work" but is something you get to do. My current jobs are a bit like that. There are days when the library and mommyhood definitely feel like "work" but there are other days when I wake up excited for the day's adventures and I couldn't imagine doing anything else but what I'm doing right now.

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