Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beach Trip 2013

So it took my littlest bundle about 5 days to warm up to her Texas family. And then we left 2 days later. Her cousins wanted so badly to play with her, but it just took her a little while to get to that point. She had the fortune to spend some extra time with all the kids since they stayed with Mimi an extra week on either end of the beach trip. She now has names for almost all the kids.
She's been saying her version of Kaitlyn and Patrick for a couple of months now.
Kaitlyn - Kate Kate
Patrick - Pat Pat
Ryder - Ry Ry
(Notice a pattern here? She also has Mimi and Papa and Nay-Nay, etc.)
Carson tried to get her to call him CC. She never did say his name.
Kennedy - Ken-D
Cole - Cole
Dalton - D
Xander had a great time. This was the first year that he was really able to play well with his cousins. Ryder, who is 13, just loves Xander. They played a lot. He is so good with Xander. It brought tears to my eyes watching the two of them play. I mean, what 13-year old boy wants to play with a 4-year old?? Be still my heart. He's going to make a great husband and father one day.
Xander had lots of fun in the water and on the beach this year. He jumped waves and tried to ride them. He swam with goggles and started swimming underwater for the first time. He even swam underwater without his floaties! He's come a long way in the past year.

The kids had a karaoke night and Amelia Jayne wanted to be involved. We all tried to get her to sing, but as soon as we all started singing "Twinkle Twinkle" she burst into tears. Not sure if she didn't like the help or the attention. Or maybe she was just tired and fed up with everyone by then. :)

Aunt Jill learned one of AJ's favorite things - dice. This made them both very happy.

She finally stopped looking at Sean like he had a third eye. She was very wary of him for the first few girl.
I love Aunt Rob in the background. :)

This little waterbug really started loving the water during this trip! She's always hated being splashed or going under prior to our beach trip, but since then she's been fine with it! She's still somewhat sensitive about getting water in her eyes, but overall she loves it...and asks for the "poo" on a daily basis. :)
A sweet trip to Sweet Frog. Always a hit with the kiddos...and adults. :)

One of the highlights of Xander's trip was putt-putting. Aunt B was kind enough to keep Amelia Jayne so we didn't have to chase her all over the course. With clubs. :)

Of course my social daughter and niece would make new friends. :)

Aunt B is so good with the kiddos. They love her!

Goodbye, beach! Until next year.

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