Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Amelia Jayne Update - 2 years

Remember this post from 6 months ago? Or even this one from 3 months ago? So much happens in just a few short months!!

Monday, November 18th marked another milestone for my baby girl. She had her two-year well visit at the doctor. I cannot even explain to you how incredible that little girl was. Her doctor commented on how amazingly well behaved she was, especially for a two year old. She didn't squirm or fuss or even bat an eyelash while he looked her over.
She got the flu vaccine "mist" where you sniff the liquid vaccine up your nose. The nurse had Xander do it first so AJ could see what to do. She continued to talk to her and prepare her for what was about to happen. The nurse told me that it was hit or miss with little ones and that it might not go well. She was probably preparing me, too.
She squirted it up AJ's nose. I said, "Sniff, Amelia Jayne. Like this." She did exactly that. No tears. No fussing. For the second nostril she was just as good. The nurse was astounded. She said she won the award for best 2-year old to take that form of the vaccine.
Then came the vaccine that needed to be injected. I held my baby girl's arms and looked in her eyes, all the while telling her it would hurt a little, but that she would be okay and that I would be right there with her.
You know the 18 month and 2 year visits are typically the worst, right? The kid has memories of doctor's visits past and the shots they've already gotten. And I was bracing myself for her meltdown.
Not that day.
Not for that sweet thing.
The shot went in, she looked at me with her "surprise" face and then sat up and examined her boo boo. She was slightly concerned when a drop of blood appeared, but the Sesame Street Band-Aid went on and she was just fine.

She did cry that night when I took her Band-Aid off and threw it away. Go figure.

Here are her stats:
Height - 35.75 inches (89th%)
Weight - 30 lbs 3 oz (85th%)
Head circumference - 18.5 inches (34th%)

Check out Xander's info when he was two.

That sweet little 2-year old got her first haircut a couple of weeks ago. I'd been debating for some time. She's had a good bit of hair for quite awhile, especially on top, but the back was growing in real thin, wispy and mullet-ish. I decided we needed to fix that. We cut it in a bob so that it would grow back more evenly, and probably thicker.
Again, I was amazed at how well that child did. She sat in the chair, wore the cape, did everything the lady told her to do, including look down, and never once squirmed. Not even when the lady used the buzzer on her neck!
I was expecting the worst, really. When Xander was her age I had to hold him. He wouldn't let the lady put a cape on him, so we both were covered in hair when it was over. He would usually cry at some point during the whole ordeal, if not throughout the whole thing. And forget about the buzzer/clipper. If the noise wasn't enough to put him over the edge then it was the tickling of his neck - he is SO ticklish and can't stand to have his neck tickled.
AJ was a different story. I am so very impressed with my baby girl.

She goes to the potty now. She can't quite get up to the toilet on her own and doesn't really like the little potty, so I still have to help her out with the process. However, she tells me 90% of the time that she needs to go. She still wakes up from naps and bedtimes with a wet diaper, but I know that sleep thing is a whole other beast. We usually go through 1-2 pull-ups a day now. Score!

She talks all the time.

If I'm talking to someone else, especially Xander, and she wants my attention she'll say, "No, no, no! Mommy, no!" Until I look at her and pay attention to what she's trying to say.

She still calls Xander, "Zenoun" and many times throughout the day I hear such things as:
"Zenoun, you want some?"
"Zenoun, you like that?"
"Zenoun, you okay?"

She is one tough cookie. When she falls down, trips, or bumps her head, she usually gets right back up, oftentimes with a "I okay, Mommy."

She can count to ten, but she won't do it on command. The only time I've heard her do it is when she's playing...and doesn't realize I'm listening.

She loves to give eskimo and butterfly kisses.

She loves to scrunch one eye up and say "Argh! I a pi-yat."
(They L-O-V-E Jake and the Neverland Pirates)

I smell her blanket so often to check and see if it needs washing that she now hands nonny to me multiple times a day so I can smell it. That thing reeks more often than not. Blech.

She's a nose-picker. I've tried to break her of this habit, but she thinks it's funny now.
I've caught her a couple of times eating her boogers. Of course I tell her not to do that and that it's disgusting. So now, when I catch her picking her nose, she stops picking it and deliberately puts her finger in her mouth or licks her finger. It's so gross. And oddly funny at the same time.

She loves for me to sing "Deck the Halls." I've done it so much that she now knows most of the words and sings along, too.

She's started joining our prayers before meals. Xander has always insisted on singing the blessing like he does at school, so that's what we do. Amelia Jayne has been good in the past to put her hands together and sometimes close her eyes, but she never really joined in the song. Now she does so whole-heartedly. It's so adorable.

This spunky little spark of life is one of the most breath-taking and dynamic people I have ever known. And she's only two! I can only imagine what's in store for that little beauty.


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