Tuesday, December 10, 2013


It's everything in me not to apologize about this.
But it's something that I feel strongly about not apologizing for.
I don't take a lot of pictures.
I realize that in the blogging world, that's somewhat taboo.
Everyone has to have a picture of everything.
Everywhere you go.
Everything you do.
Every person you see, event you experience, and even food you consume.
But here's why I'm choosing not to apologize:
When I spend my energy thinking about taking pictures, I forget to live in the moment.
When I am constantly fumbling with my phone or camera, or just remembering to do such a thing, then I find I can't really enjoy the people I'm with in the moment.
And after the event is over, when I realize I took not one single picture, I tend to feel guilty.
But why?
I don't need to feel guilt.
I felt love.
I felt compassion.
I felt joy.
I felt fulfilled.
In the moment.
I love the past. And I love memories.
But I don't want to be so burdened with it that I can't enjoy where I am in the moment.
I guess this is me giving me permission to let it go.
I can't be good at everything.
So, what my blog lacks in pictures, it makes up for in living in the moment.
I do my best to share with you events, thoughts, ideas and inspirations.
Hopefully, every once in a while I'll share a photo or two, also.
When I remember.
Here are my two biggest supporters of living in the moment:


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IT'S OKAY! Not everyone is a picture fanatic. I love pictures but not everyone does as much. I did not take as many when the girls were babies because I was so wrapped up in them and the moment. Sometimes I wish I had more pictures of them as babies, lol. I think it's great that that continued for you.