Wednesday, June 18, 2014


If you watch Big Bang Theory then you know just how awesomely ridiculous Sheldon Cooper is.  Here's an example of the hilarity that is Sheldon Cooper:

I share this because a) it's hilarious, and b) it reminds me so much of Xander, I just can't help but share!

My son has become obsessed. With flags, yes, but even more so with countries. He's been very interested in flags and countries for a few months now, but lately his enjoyment and excitement has increased.
David has been prepping him over the past few weeks for the World Cup. He got a sticker album for Xander which makes Xander's day every. single. day. He loves opening up those packs of stickers and finding where they go in his book. I mean, he will behave and keep it together all day because he knows if he does he gets a pack of stickers. Amazing.
Xander is really in love with countries and flags, not really as much in love with soccer...although I think he's coming around. He's watched quite a few games with his dad and me, and even convinced his babysitter to turn on the games. But I digress.

It all started a few months ago at school. As you know, Xander attended preschool at a church. Inside their main entrance was a very tall ceiling, probably 3 stories high, which was filled with flags. On one of the walls in this entrance is a huge map of the world. Xander used to marvel over the flags, and then one day he got interested in looking at the map. He would ask me about different countries and we'd talk about it. He loved that each country has a flag. We would come home from school and look up different countries and what their flags are. He now he has many map and flag apps on the iPad.

Let me tell you - this kid now knows his geography better than I do. There were countries I had never even heard of! And he not only knows them, but knows where they are. It baffles me how much of this knowledge he has retained. He remembers everything! He can match a country with its flag in a second. He can tell you where a country is and which continent it belongs in.

He freaks me out, he's so smart. He's teaching me so much! Man, I love him!

I guess I just have to surrender - to fun! ;)

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