Monday, December 29, 2014

His first communion

Christmas Eve service was an unexpected delight. I always love Christmas Eve and the service we attend. We've loved being at Ridge church on Christmas Eve for the past three years that they've offered services. And I knew this year wouldn't disappoint. What I didn't know was how emotional and meaningful this particular Christmas Eve service would be.

My boy took his first communion.

It took me a minute after our pastor told us we would be sharing in communion to realize that Xander would actually be able to partake this time. So as the elements came around, I whispered in Xander's ear what we were doing and why. He asked me when he needed to stand up and what was expected of him, and I told him just to follow me and daddy. I told him about the bread and that it represents Christ's body, and the juice that represents His blood. I talked quietly to him about this opportunity we have to remember Christ and what He did for us.

I used to think the gospel message was a bit too overwhelming or perhaps too gruesome for young kids. I was wrong. Xander had no problems with it whatsoever.

I usually take the time before we receive the elements to pray, ask God for forgiveness and thank Him for Jesus. But this time? All I could do was thank God that my son knows His Son. They are in a beautiful relationship with one another. I cried as I prayed and spoke to my own son. It was a special and significant moment that I won't soon forget.

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