Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Books I've Read - September-December 2014

I read this article back in the summer and was intrigued with the many books I had read (and haven't read) on this list. I decided to look back through and pick out the ones that seemed interesting to me. I love Young Adult novels. In fact, when I looked over the list I had already read over 30 of these books/series. So, you may see more YA novels on my lists in the future.

*As an aside: number 20 on the list is Paper Towns by John Green. You may remember that I read it early in 2014. Well, they're making a movie from this novel that should come out Spring 2015. Funny thing about this movie - part of it was filmed in my neighborhood! We drove by the "set" for about a week. Though I never saw John Green, apparently he was there signing books. However, I had multiple sightings of Nat Wolff. There were teenage girls lined up and down the streets each day. The houses that were used had landscaping put in just for this event - palm trees and fake leaves on trees. It was so fun to drive by and see...and such a cool experience! I am supremely glad that it only lasted a week, though. The traffic was somewhat trying during that time, although not as bad as I expected!! :)

Anne of Green Gables
by L.M. Montgomery

Don't get all up in arms. Yes, I've read this book. So many times. I cannot tell you how impactful this book has been in my life. I just love Anne Shirley. I like to think that Anne and I would be bosom friends. Sometimes I feel the need to re-read this book when I don't have a lot of frill or fanciful thoughts in my head. Reading about Anne makes life so much happier. I just love the way she sees things - how everything is new and beautiful and full of hope. Sometimes I need that, you know? So, take a minute to read this if you haven't. Or re-read it. You'll be ever so glad you did.

Anne of Avonlea
by L.M. Montgomery

You didn't really think I could read one without the other, now did you? ;)
And guess what I realized?? I had never read this one before! I'd read Anne of Green Gables many times, seen the movies, and generally enjoyed all things Anne…or so I thought! It was fun to make a new discovery. :)
(But Anne of Green Gables is my favorite Anne book thus far...I most certainly discovered that Anne of Avonlea the movie is nothing like the book!)

This is Where I Leave You
by Jonathan Tropper
I initially read this book because I knew it was going to be made into a movie. It ended up not being a type of book I would typically read. However, I did enjoy reading something different from the norm. This may be one of those rare instances where I could see the movie being potentially better than the book. Kind of like Silver Linings Playbook was for me. In fact, the strangeness of family and relationships in both of those books makes them remind me of each other.
And with stars like Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, and Jane Fonda the movie is probably pretty hilarious! David and I are waiting to see it for an at-home date night. I'm looking forward to it!

Love & War
by John & Stasi Eldredge
Our small group is going through this book. We're almost finished, but I wanted to go ahead and include it in this post. Very challenging and interesting. There are parts of the book that thoroughly annoyed me (like most books, I guess), like when they make lame references or talk about certain experiences they've had that I really couldn't care less about. BUT overall it has great information and I'm glad we're reading it. David and I have really enjoyed the discussions that have come out of this book, both in group and between the two of us.

by Laurie Halse Anderson
This was on the list. And then after I read the book and was reading an interview done with Laurie Anderson I realized this was made into a movie back in 2004. With Kristen Stewart. Weird that I never heard of it, but that was the year I got married, so I'm pretty sure I had better things to do. :)  Not sure if I want to see the movie, since I don't love Kristen Stewart.
It was a good book. Fairly depressing, but also intriguing to be in the mind of a young girl who has been through a traumatic experience. I can see why the book was a Printz honor. It definitely hit on topics that teens would have a hard time discussing and that have been ignored up until more recent years.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
by Ransom Riggs

This was such a strange book! But then again, what do you expect with a title like that? I enjoyed it, but it was not really what I was expecting. I had no clue it would be as sci-fi as it was. At first it reminded me of X-men (due to the strange "powers" the children have but without the "super hero" aspect) crossed with a mystery novel. The use of vintage photographs is creative, yet extremely bizarre, especially because they are actual photographs. I'm planning to give the sequal "Hollow City" a try soon.

The Book Thief
by Markus Zusak

Hmmm. How to describe this book. First of all, it took me a looooong time to get into it. Almost too long because I was super-close to putting it down. However, I gave it a chance and it was totally worth it. Somewhere along the way it just grabbed me. Such a sad tale, but full of love and kindness. I would totally recommend it, but don't forget - give it a chance before you put it down. You'll be glad you did.

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