Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Life in the medium lane

I won't say things have been hectic lately, but we have been a bit busier than usual. We've laughed and played in the evenings, struggled to get up most mornings, and truly enjoyed each other over the past few weeks.

Xander's homework has gotten more involved. He now has to read two stories per week, write at least one sentence about each, draw pictures for each, write the titles and his name. He has four word problems for math each week where he must read the problem, write the equation, answer the equation and draw a picture depicting the problem. This doesn't seem like much when I look back over it, but he's in kindergarten, people! He's reading level F books (not that I even know what that means). Each book has about 4 or 5 sentences per page. I'm very impressed with his reading skills. He's kind of kept his abilities to himself, which is typical for him. He tends to not want to share anything until he's mastered it. Thus, waiting to read aloud until he actually can.
He is still obsessed with soccer. And most recently he's been loving some football. I have to say that whatever he's into at any given time is a direct reflection of his father. :)
As I type this he is telling me about four teams that he made up (the Carolina Olafs, Atlanta Elsas, New England Annas and Seattle Kristoffs), their standings, who's winning, who got knocked out and who's in the finals. And every. single. play. Phew. Everything is about sports these days. I love his intense passion and drive. :)

Amelia Jayne is so fun to me. She is dramatic and spontaneous and easygoing and charming and bossy and sweet. She can turn on you in a second. And she can be the most darling and lovable little thing around, too. She loves to be read to and to "read" by herself. She loves to tell stories and act them out. Her favorite thing right now is playing pretend. She has quite the imagination and can come up with some pretty funny things! She enjoys doing her "homework" while Xander does his. She has a little preschool pack with dry erase flash cards that have numbers and letters, crayons and coloring pages, stickers and workbooks. I'm pretty impressed with some of the things she can do, like tracing her letters and numbers and doing one-to-one correspondence.

The kids and I are LOVING Mo Willems books right now. When they fell in love with Knuffle Bunny, I decided to bring a few other Mo Willems books home. I've always loved the Piggie and Elephant books, so when I brought them home and the kids absolutely died laughing over them, I was thrilled. We've read almost all of them now. And since they were so in love with those I decided to bring home some Pigeon books, Hooray for Amanda and Her Alligator, Knuffle Bunny Too, and a few others. Xander often reads them to me, too.

As for my man, David is doing really well. He is absolutely loving his job. He enjoys the people he works with and the projects he's a part of. Right now he's working on a couple of skyscrapers in Greenville, SC. He has some super-secret projects coming up that are exciting prospects. ;)
He and I have had some good and challenging discussions as a result of reading the Eldredge book Love & War. We're enjoying small group and really feel that these people are family. It's so nice to get together with such great people each week.
He is an amazing father and truly loves our kids. I am so thankful for his wisdom and counsel. He helps ground me...and I need that more often than not.

I am busy, as usual, but loving it (for the most part). :)
Work has been especially rewarding lately as I'm starting a few new projects: doing workshops for preschool teachers, starting some reading buddies with an afterschool program, and helping to coordinate Dia de los Ninos.
Church is a refuge for me. I enjoy serving each Sunday - talking to parents, playing with kids and visiting with friends. Though Sundays are busy, they're one of my favorite days of the week.
Finding a good balance at home is a struggle at times - being healthy through food and exercise, playing with my kids, parenting them the best way, making and maintaining friendships and spending quality time with my husband - but I try to take it a day at a time, living life moment to moment and making the most of it.

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