Thursday, February 12, 2015


I'm not exactly sure why, but I have about a gazillion nicknames for Amelia Jayne. I don't know if it's because her name is so long and I'm lazy about saying it correctly (I rarely ever pronounce each of the syllables) or if it's because her personality lends so well to nicknames.
(Xander has always been very precise about his name and wanted everyone to say it correctly...even though it's technically a nickname...
A quick aside: when Amelia Jayne started saying Xander's name, she called him Xenon or Denon and sometimes it even sounded like Ding Dong. He never got upset with her for mispronouncing his name. I always thought that was very sweet.)

Even when I do say her name, it typically comes out like this:
Mia Jayne

Nicknames I call my daughter:
Sweet pea
Sweetie Petie
My Love
Love bug
Baby girl
Tiny tot
Little one

She's so funny about these names because if I slip up and call Xander one of these, she'll say, "He's not _________. That's my name!" I try to tell her that he's "my love" and my "baby" too, but she doesn't accept that. Ha!

And funny enough, I never call her Amelia or Jayne. I'm fairly certain that's because those are her grandmothers' names. And though I write, type and text "AJ" sometimes, I never call her AJ, either.

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