Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Xander's birthday interview - 2015

Birthday 3
Birthday 4
Birthday 5
And now here we are, BIRTHDAY SIX!!

TV show - Peep and the Big Wide World
Movie - Despicable Me 2
Song - Sing (by Ed Sheeran)
Musician - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (or as he said, "The guy who sings 'Can't Hold Us'")
Food - pancakes
Candy - M&M's (lovingly called emmys)
Toy - soccer ball
Activity - art
Cereal - cocoa puffs
Vegetable - peas
Drink - tea water
Game - Mexican train
Book - The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! by Mo Willems
Restaurant - Chick-Fil-A
Holiday - Valentine's Day
Animal - monkey
Color - blue
Vacation - beach
Sport - soccer

If you could change your name to anything, what would it be? Landon Donovan
If you could have anything you want this year, what would it be? a toy lawnmower 
(whew, we really struggled with this one! I don't think he really gets the concept of wanting something unattainable...)
What do you love most about Mommy? When she helps me draw stuff.
What do you love most about Daddy? When he cooks pancakes for us.
What do you love most about Amelia Jayne? When she plays with me. 

Bonus - favorite story read by the birthday boy :)

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