Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Funnies from the littlest Littles - March 2015

Lately I feel like Xander's funnies have really turned into sweeties. :) AJ says some hilarious things right now, but most of Xander's memorable sayings are just so thoughtful or sweet, which is why I want to remember them. He's such a serious and thoughtful boy, but he does have his funny moments. :)

Xander: Is God bigger than space and the earth and our house?
Me: Yes. He created all those things and He's bigger than all of them.
AJ: God isn't in our house.
Me: Well, He lives in our hearts, and He is here with us right now.
X: Yeah, He lives in our chests.
Me: Well, not literally. He is part of us - the Holy Spirit lives in us.
AJ: He's in our bellies. We ate God because he's in our tummies. Yup, I ate God.

AJ: I don't like that song! It is too serious and it makes me distracted from my fun!
(She often says things distract her when she doesn't want to do/hear/watch/etc.)

X: I got a splinter in my booty one time.
Me (laughing): Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that!
AJ: But you got it out and Jesus healed you.
X: Well, Mommy got it out.
AJ: Yes, Mommy took it out and then Jesus healed your booty hole.

Me: Bless you!
AJ: That was just me, your big girl.

Me: Xander, what would you like to eat after your doctor's appt?
X: Can we go somewhere out?
Me: Sure, if that's what you want.
X: Can we go to Chick-Fil-A?
Me: Of course.
X: Just make sure it has a drive-thru, okay?
Me (smiling): I'm sure we can find one that does.
X: I just don't want to get anyone sick, so that's why I want a drive-thru. That way I won't spread my germs to anyone.

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