Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The F word

Right now the "F" word in our house is "flu."


And the dreaded recipient is sweet Xander…again.

No one else has been infected…yet. I'm hoping it stays that way. With all the coughing, sneezing and snot around, I'm not incredibly convinced that'll be possible, but we'll see…

I thought for sure with spring well on it's way that we were done with that mess! But apparently not. We went to the doctor after he woke up yesterday with a fever of 104. He had a fever all day Sunday, but I thought I'd let it ride its course. The doctor was shocked when his flu test came back positive - he said he hadn't seen any flu for 2 weeks. However, Grandpa has still been seeing some cases in the ER.

Since Xander and I both got the flu in December guess who'll be getting everyone in her family flu shots next year? Amelia Jayne was the only one who got the vaccine (since she was already at the doc for her well visit) and she was able to stay healthy through everyone else's illnesses.
So for the past couple of days Mommy and Xander have watched movies, TV, read books and played games. AJ has gone on to school which has been incredibly helpful and allows Xander to get quality rest. He's not very talkative (which is an obvious sign to me that he's sick) and he's incredibly lethargic. He has even taken naps, gasp!

Hoping my sweet boy heals quickly and that no one else gets sick. And looking forward to a healthier spring!

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